My first CNC project: Rocket lamp

I designed this in Onshape, but ultimately did the CAM in Fusion360 (I really have to switch over).

After a couple of years designing things for 3d printing, I now finally can include wood into the mix.

I have built a LowRider 2.0 with about 110cmx160cm usable cutting area, but started small on this one. I’m making a rocket lamp for my son. It’s only 4mm plywood, but I was pretty impressed with how sturdy the body of the rocket got after I press fit it together. The nose of the rocket is of course 3d printed.



That is too awesome!

Very nice work, but what really caught my eye was the JOBO film processor in the background - hope it gets some use. Still have my JOBO ATL-1000 waiting to process some 4x5 transparencies I shot way too long ago…

Lol, I do have a few medium format rolls of E-6 that need to get processed, but my new hobby and a move to another continent got in the way.

I always dreamed of having an ATL-1000 although I love my CPE 2+. I’m actually in the middle of a project to build an automated film processor repurposing the mechanical parts of my old 3d printer. Once I figure out how to cut acrylic for my development tubs with my lowrider I can get back to it.