My Disappointment is Immeasurable and My Day is Ruined

Package finally came from USPS today, and I was hoping I’d be able to post some build progress photos, but instead my package came in this condition with the majority of the contents missing. I know things have been rough at USPS…but…I really can’t believe they still delivered the package in this condition:/

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Yeah, I can totally sympathize with you… recently had a motion control card go out on one of my routers at work. The box came in looking like a gorilla used it in a Samsonite commercial… (am I dating myself?). Thankfully, the manufacturer used sufficient packing to protect the card even though the box was totally destroyed. Did I mention the box was marked fragile all over with bright red fragile stickers…?

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My favorite part about this is that they just describe it as a “leakage”…Like…thanks? I mean…am I putting my hands all over something that’s toxic or what? People don’t tend to mail water…so…wtf leaked all over this?

I’m just glad that Ryan is pretty cool and gotten back to me about this, so hopefully it won’t be too much longer before I can start assembling things.

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Dang dude. I read the title and was gonna pop in here like “don’t sweat it, man. It’s probably just this or that, we’ve all seen it and here we still are”, but that garbage is ROUGH.
Glad you’re making progress despite, but I feel for you there.

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Still have to build the table so I’m not a complete stand still.


Well, now Ryan will be chasing the insurance claim for that parcel for the next 10-12 months…

USPS: Can’t they just use it as-is?

Ryan: Parts of it are missing. It’s no good incomplete.

USPS: Can you get an inventory of what percentage of the parcel is missing?

Ryan: Doesn’t matter, I need to ship a complete replacement.

USPS: Surely SOME of it is still good.

Ryan: My inventory is in complete kits. I need to replace the complete kit.

USPS: I don’t see how that’s OUR problem. What percentage…

Round and round. WEach message will take 2-3 weeks, and will request all of the details needed for each preious iteration. At some point the claim file will be lost, and will need to be started over again. (I’ve done this before.)

Edit: In the end they will pay out the agreed amount of the claim less a random amount that is anywhere from 2-5% less of the amount for various fees that they neglected to tell you about (Or indeed are documented anywhere)

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I don’t really understand the whole “pay extra for postal insurance” thing. You are supposed to pay them extra money in case they are reckless and break/lose your stuff? I mean, if I didn’t do 2/3rds a job and damaged a clients property, I’d would be expected to give a full refund and pay for damages.

Anytime they ask me if I need the package insurance, it kinda feels like they are giving me mobster style shakedown. “I’d hate to see anything happen to this package if you didn’t pay for insurance”


Without insurance it is out down the conveyor between the overweight boxes with a push instead of small packages :package: I worked a Christmas ther a few moons ago :sweat_smile:

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I’m with you…isn’t the contract to deliver the package in good order and in a timely fashion? Isn’t that what you pay the carriage fee for? I notice Banggood try to slip a small insurance charge onto their bills now at the end of the on-line buying sequence stating they will not be held responsible for lost parcels…oh yes they will!.. and have been. Paypal see things a little differently than Banggood.

I don’t get it either… in my case, there were two very clear footprints (or should I say shoe prints).
I’ve placed an order for a kit this weekend to and will see how it arrives. It’s supposed to be here Tuesday. Wish me luck!

This hurts my feels even though this is your ruined day.

Ok, now I feel guilty. My kit was sitting on my doorstep in perfect condition and a day early…

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Pretty sure that the vast majority of packages arrive on time and undamaged. Ryan’s packing is pretty good, which helps avoid most damage.

But when they get it wrong, they don’t do things by half.