My cnc LIVES!!!!!

So after a couple weeks of work (really only 2 days, but hey, im busy) white lightning lives (just made that up right now).

My first impressions. This thing is a BEAST. I found it VERY easy to assemble with the exception of the Z Axis which is a like a 3d printed jigsaw puzzle of the eiffel tower, but hey it works. I have it fairly level. With the test print (which is at the bottom of this post) the marker dug a little deep at a few points, but we are talking .1-.2mm at most. With tolerances like that i may consider adding a 3d printer head (i already have 2 SLA printers and a FDM, but what the hell).

There is almost nothing negative I can say about this thing. Im thrilled beyond belief in all aspects.
Thank you for those that have made modifications to it, thanks to allted etc for making it in the first place, and sourcing parts for our kits (priced well). I printed these parts on my own (2 sets) on 4 total plates is all (my taz 5 has a decent build size) about 100 hours total print time.

I have an assortment of bits on the way. I plan on first making an engraved/cut chess board for my 3d printed chess set (IOWA HAWKEYES BABY).


Here is the first test job I ever ran. Literally the first. All previous motions were just XYZ movement :slight_smile:
My ONLY disappointment comes from the fact that a 24"x24" build only gives you 13" x13" area. To that, i say BUILD IT BIGGER, which I intend to do very very soon.

My First Print

Love the enthusiasm, and thank you for the compliments and video!

Congrats on a fairly easy build. Now get it dirty!!!