My Build (2' x 2') - build log

I’m currently working on a 1"(J) tubing mpcnc, and have it very close to done.

Finished printing all of the parts last month and got the rest of the parts recently.
Designed/printed a few tube plugs, to protect the wire from getting cut on the tube ends:

I got my 1" tubing from and it fits perfectly (went with 0.065 wall since it was cheaper than the .045)

I printed mounts for pen, dremel, dewalt 660, and drag knife. and it appears to be drawing perfectly right now, checked the square and its exactly 90º

another test

I have no clue on cutting speeds with the dremel/bit that I’ve got right now, but am getting close, had a bunch of mdf from a broken walmart bookshelf to play around on =D
first dremel cuts
Since I don’t have a base yet, the board wasn’t level for this cutting test.


  • Base: I don't have my mpcnc screwed onto a base yet, this will happen probably in a week or so, it's not really needed with me just using the pen/low vertical pressure usage, but obviously would be handy for anything else. I am planning on making the base fit ontop of my keter foldout workbench.
  • wire covering/management: wire's are just everywhere right now...and it's messy
  • zip ties on pen mount...will be cut tonight (something quick/easy to check off on my todo lol)
  • dewalt/drag knife: I don't have either of these yet, but am looking forward to adding these soon

Got it mounted to a board, and a Dewalt 660 :smiley:
Title says its 2’x2’, but thats the usable space, total size is bout 3’x3’
it was working fine until the bit that came with it broke (it was made for drywall and I was using it on some dense mdf) =\

It’s been a while since ive updated this post about my mpcnc.
Since the last post, i’ve added a torsion frame underneath,
added a 3/4" mdf spoilboard, and cut t-slots every couple of inches,
tidied up wiring with cable housing,
switched to using fusion 360 + repetier,
& bought a shop-vac.

Recently have been cutting a bunch of chalkboard signs and stuff for my wedding, my sisters wedding, and something for my brothers wedding… 3 weddings this year >.<

[attachment file=“26966”]

[attachment file=“26968”]

got more chalkboards cut =)

Next task is to add casters to the side of my mpcnc, since I store it inside and move it outside each time it’s going to be used. (I place it on top of my foldout keter table). and replacing the base frame with a torsion box.

Got a 3d printhead for it, but when i plugged it in (not mounted though, just wires). I couldn’t get it to actually heat up, kept getting ‘heating failed’ =\ that should be fun to solve.

a lot more Updates/photos in my google photos album

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