My 4th Axis on Thingiverse

How do you manage the 4 Motor and what program you use to create code g

I just unplugged the Y axis, and used that for the 4th motor.

I used Fusion for the egg, but I any cam could have been used, as long as your model is rotational uniform. See attached stl.

For the engraving I used F-engrave, where I scaled the image in the y-axis to account for the gearing.

I’ve uploaded the stl file to thingiverse instead.

well if you knew you disconnect the Y-axis, and you connect the 4 Motor

Now you just need to figure out how to do this!!

Loop the video…

Uh, that looks like it’s using at least a fifth axis… :slight_smile:

It is. Milling turbine blades.