MUST WATCH: spontaneous combustion in workshop! Guy runs 18 simultaneous test, gets 3 fires within less than 12 hours!


HA!!! I just posted this in the Topic about waterproofing MDF and the discussion of using BLO in there.

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Fascinating. I just put the oily rags inside some kind of container together with plenty of water… I’m still confident that it’s good enough, but it’s scary how quick it can combust!

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Hahaha I literally was just coming here to post this


When I was in printing we used oily rag cans (closed lid, designed for this) just for this reason. In my own shop I have 2, and I don’t use flammable finishes much.

I lay them out on the garage or basement floor (both concrete). I also don’t use nearly as much finish as that guy did. :slight_smile:

Not saying it can’t happen, but certainly raises some valid points about the legitimacy of this particular video

Dude sure rocks that video, lol. And peeps wonder why i dont youtube :wink: