multiple issues with new build

I’m building a new MP3DP all material is from V1. MiniRambo

  1. I wired all the end stops in the NC position like the text and images indicate and i get no movement in one direction unless the end stop is engaged. Should I change to NO? I want the movement to stop when it hits the end stop correct?
  2. I don't have any indication of a hot bed showing up in my Repeater GUI nor on my LCD. I have a MPCNC that i use to print on as well and it has a heated bed that shows up in Repeater GUI. Not sure how it knows. Do I need to use a completely different install of repeater for my MP3DP? Do I need to reflash the MiniRambo?
  3. I get an error message when I start the hotend heating. "error:heating failed, system stopped Heater_ID: 0" I checked the thermister but couldn't deduce if it was faulty. both of them (hotend and bed) didn't ring out. They should right? Hot end is T0 and bed is T1?
  4. Should the hotend fan come on when powered? If so which fan pins should I be using? Thanks in advance for your help. Jim.

Sounds a bit like you have the wrong image flashed. Perhaps MPCNC firmware instead of MP3DP? All three endstops should be NC as you have them wired. Does the hot end temperature show up with a reasonable number even when it’s off? I usually see the low 20s since it’s in the house… There are two fan for the hot end. One is wired directly to the power supply and should be on all the time you’re powered up, the other only turns on when the software calls for it so it’ll be off initially.

Bill you’re on fire today! Absolutely correct, you need to flash the board for printing with it.

thank you, I thought it came flashed from V1. I guess you can’t know what application we will be using it in. I’ll flash it tonight and see what happens. I missed the fan being wired directly to the PS I probably did it on my CNC and just forgot about it. The mini rambo fan1 and fan2 got me off track. I read somewhere that it would come on once the hot end was at a certain temp.

again thanks for the help.


It comes flashed for the MPCNC unless you tell me otherwise. Lots of people shuffle there control boards around.

I currently have the Marlin V2 files set to come on fan 2 (maybe 1) at 60C.

Printers are extremely variable in the builds, this is part of the reason I don’t offer bundled kits, no two people use the same anything. Every single order wanted parts swapped or deleted. Sorry but you have to put in a little more work on this as compared to the MPCNC.

No worries at all. I totally understand and am willing to put in the work. I just needed to know where to start. Thanks for your help. I like the idea of the fan coming on as needed instead of on power up.