Multiple dimension MPCNC

Hi newbie from Belgium,

Busy printing some parts and also ordered parts in China,

next week I will pickup the 25mm SS tubing at a big SS supplier, 20km from here.

I like to mill small aluminium parts and bigger sheets of wood for signmaking,

the first need a stronger structure, so i’m thinking of te combination of 2

with removable part to shorten the work space for alu and change the setup

for wood without shorten the lenght of the tubing.

Any tips, tricks


Depends on how often you want to switch and how accurate you need your parts to be. Every time you swap it it will probably get a little less rigid. You would be better off just building two. You can save money by sharing the control board and power supply between them. Or if you are using sheet goods the LowRider is built for that, again you can share the board and PS.

The idea is to start this setup and make with the MPCNC a more rigid/powerfull one for the alu production and hold the MPCNC for the wood.

And not invest in a second MPCNC, the hardware isn’t as expensive, but useless.


many thanks

Forget about the idea of changing the machines dimensions every time, it’s way too much work. I think you underestimate the time you will spend doing that. The main issue will be the wiring.

Also, I suggest you to purchase your tubes asap, before printing everything. This way you can make sure that they fit nicely with your printed parts before printing everything. Otherwise, you may end up with slightly too big or slightly too small parts with bearings not making a nice contact on the tubes. I made this mistake myself and regretted it.