MRRF 2019

Well I have most the reservations set, I should be there for MRRF 2019.

Looking for another round of ideas for a demo to run. The last plotting demo was awesome but didn’t take long enough to run so my plan B is the same thing but all three machines ISO views.

Milling is almost certainly out of the question as it is loud and makes a mess.

Ideas? Suggestions? Complaints?

[attachment file=84424]

you may try to carving on a layer of clay with v-shape wire loop


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Fast is a good thing, right? Hand them out quick?

What if you had people sign a blank piece of paper and have them hit start. Then it would draw the MPCNC and say, “Made by” next to their signature? Might be cool for people to take a copy and also for celebs you might see.

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Not sure what you have for cheap take-aways and display bits (business cards, roll up banners etc) but I’m happy to see if I can arm you with printed stuff from up here. Your dollar will go farther than you could imagine and shipping down to you shouldn’t come close to offsetting the savings. Email me privately if you’re interested and I can get you some pricing and ideas. Think VistaPrint costs and then divide by 4. And then do the USD to CAD conversion.

Yes, a delicious gift for each visitor - small cookie with “Mpcnc” drawn on top :wink:
A big gcode with pauses between each cookie. Whenever someone came you press encoder and after a minute can give him next decorated cookie.

Ryan, do you have big syringe? :slight_smile:

How about using a drag knife and producing custom vinyl stickers for pre-cut coasters?

Well I have the cards covered but no signage at all. I would like something but it would have to be extremely subtle, MRRF isn’t really a trade show, much more like a show & tell / hangout. Let me think about that. In fact I am always kinda bummed that there really is nothing to buy to bring home and try out.

Thanks for the ideas so far everyone. I am getting some ideas for sure. Some more details maybe. There are periods of several hours straight of conversations, questions. I lose my voice very quickly. So It really might be a good idea to have something short and fast / fun to make where someone can push the button, and something I can hit go and know it will be moving on it’s own for a while. It can get extremely crowded and some people only squeeze by one time and I would really like to always have it moving. Once and a while if I get a free minute I like to hit go and take a quick lap and have a look at some other things.

PS, if you could possibly come out, I can not recommend it enough. Everyone there (except a few random significant others bored out of there minds) are extremely excited about whatever they have there. Some of the best conversations can be had.

I’ll be out again, got my pass already, so I won’t have a generic one like last year.


I think they were all generic…Maybe make a fixture and let people sharpie names on tags with the CNC?!?

Sharpie the logo on them!

Shoot guys, I don’t think I am going to make it. :cry: This move is not going well. I should have been done two weeks ago and I am still stuck in the old place. At this point I will be playing catch up for some time. If I do make it I have nothing prepped to bring so I would just come hang out for a day or two.


I am trying soooooo hard to make it happen. I have a room still so I have not given up.

Even if you can’t bring anything, we can still go give Gene a hard time!

If you still have no idea what to prepare to show and could quickly add 4 axis (as example turn able head) you can demonstrate some kind of wiring cnc. Something like this

I don’t know practical usage, but at least it looks cool.

Even if you make something like that with 3 exusts axis in 2.5D.

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I am sure he wants to strangle me, I need to go just to hand deliver a beer to apologize for all his frustrations!


Shoot at this point me just going would be a minor miracle, bringing anything is looking like a distant dream.

do a little miracle not rocket science)
just drive a few nails into the board (or you can prepare special milled mandrel) and make a “milling” code similar to something like that
[attachment file=92801]
and your mpcnc will do the flat motor winding

Just saw this on Thingiverse: the Mulbot - mostly printed 3D printer. The designer plans on showing it at MRRF 2019

I hope I can make it!