MRRF 2018, Ideas?

I need some ideas and advice. How do I best present the MPCNC to people that know nothing about it?

I am bringing an MPCNC, and I can only imagine using a pen with it. Router would be too loud and dirty, laser is unsafe, if I print some people might get the wrong idea (like why would you make such a bulky printer).

1-What should I draw/plot? Thinking that cool StarWars Aztec calendar (If I can get the gcode for it) or maybe something small on 3x5 cards (or something) to let people take with them?

2- I can only fit so much in a big suitcase so I can either prep a machine that fits in my bag (19" x whatever), or prep a bigger build and double sided tape it to a table or go to Manards and get a base cut when I get there. I think a 19"x19" get the point across?

3-Give it away on Sunday or silent auction (not that I want to make money on it but it is kinda exciting to try and win with a low bid). Might be a cool way to get it cheap or free. Which one would be more fun?

4-Should I bring a MP3DP…More of a project to me but it is a 3D printer show?

5-Who plans on coming by to say hi?


  1. drawing is a great demo. Would it too much work to have other z axis assemblies with other tools on display somehow? Like they are all attached to one big piece of EMT? It might be cool to make a little display board out of EMT, like a science fair board, but holding pics of the low rider, MP3DP, bigger MPCNCs, etc. Then add the z assemblies to give it some dimension?

  2. you can get EMT there, right? You can also ship things to your hotel, although shipping plywood would be no fun. I think an interesting size would make people think it’s flexible. “Why is it so wide?”, “It can be any size. I wanted to show people how flexible it is”

  3. The silent auction won’t be fun after someone buys it for basically full price. It will be fun before that. But giveaways are always a little lack luster too. You could have people drop their info. Then each hour give away whatever you’re drawing in the demo (bring a few ahead of time in case something goes wrong) and then the grand prize will be the machine.

  4. I don’t think you’ll draw in MPCNC customers at MRRF with a printer. If you want to showcase the printer, I think it’s a good one to show off and it wins by a lot of metrics. But I would worry it will dilute your valuable time and booth’s attention. Kind of depends on your business goals.

  5. I wish.

Take several heads, but show pen.

Hope to meet you there Ryan (I have registered, but not 100% sure yet if I will be going).

If you had time to prepare it, I would have suggested a needle foamboard cutter in addition to the drawing head… you could have cut a few logos to give away, which is 3D, without too much risk.


Otherwise, yeah, I “third” the suggestionput either a board or a pole, with a few heads installed on their “interchangeable mount” (don’t forget a 3D printing one :slight_smile: )

How about cutting some designs with a drag knife or using something like the tangential cutter design that James Donnelly created, Guess you would have to make sure no kids tried to touch the sharp blade though.

Thanks. I planned on bringing the other tools I have I will look into mounting them on something.

Stickers might be fun. Foam cutting some tiny planes could be cool. I just don’t think there is much time to mess with the machine. It was packed shoulder to shoulder last time, and hanging out near Ron’s MPCNC machine was busy busy. Maybe a large drawing for when it is busy and something fun to play with if/when it slows down…planes or stickers would be cool.

What would be really awesome would be a ZenXY as the table for the CNC…

I can pull my 500wt spindle and bring it if you want. I also have my dewalt still on a mount, quick-is change style. I’m only planning on being there all day Saturday though.

Thanks Barry, I think I am just going to bring the dewalt, laser, pen, drag knife, extruder. Maybe some pictures or a tablet loaded with pics and vids of the other crazy stuff. I don’t want to get to overwhelmed with stuff.


See you there!

I’ll try to remember to bring my Imperial paperweight this time… :roll:

Yes! Bring that chunk-o-metal as some proof of capabilities, please. How big was the machine at the time you made that, was it the 525 or before?

I have some new feet and dual endstop mounts…think I should wait to release them until MRRF? I mean, it wasn’t the redesign I was hoping to have finished by then but it is a part that has never been redesigned even once since it’s release.

I think it was the new model, but was when I had it extended out to 5 foot square.

I would bring the the 3D printed too just because it is such an amazing machine and it would be a cool thing to show what you can make with a MPCNC.


Its a shame you can’t mill anything with the cnc while are there just because drawing doesn’t really show off the machines true 3D potential. But you are gonna draw something I recommend some really complex art and maybe throw in a few Pokémon.

Have fun at MRRF.

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There were so many pokemon last year, forgot about that!

Can you grab a quite spindle and have it carve clay?

Two cool things in this link…

Is this going to be the new standard for controllers?!

thinkyhead is going to be there…wonder if he has a talk planned.

Good thing I haven’t cut parts for the new printer, I can design this into the top instead.

Looks cool, and they do good work so fingers crossed it doesn’t cost too much.

That would be both cool to watch, and horribly messy!

$33.00 seems reasonable for retail. It hasn’t been cloned yet, as far as I can tell, so I’d expect the prices to drop over time. There are plenty of Pi touchscreens in this form factor, so the volume is there for the display part.