MPCNC to lr3

Since I can never seem to be “finished” with anything, I have my MPCNC up and running well, but I went conservative on the size, 16X20 cutting area. I have some projects in the works, making buck for car/go kart bodies, among other things. At very least will require increasing cutting area dramatically. Have Rambo 4 board. What are benefits to changing to LR3 vs increasing cutting area? What new parts other than 3d printed will be required to change to LR3? Benefits other than time and $ to each?
I am also moving from the basement to the garage and would be a perfect time to make either change.

Thank you

If you are making foam bucks, you might just want to scale up your MPCNC so you can get deeper, larger cuts. The LR entire gantry comes down, so your depth is ultimately limited.

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Well the plan is to cut pieces out if 1/2 in plywood or MDF

as an example


Oh… Yeah LR3 for sure!

If you cut the YZ plates on your MPCNC before you change you will need some EMT, Longer Belts, and some hardware.

The LR3 can cut the large pieces all in one shot instead of using pins or piecing it together with joinery.