MPCNC Storage temperature

I’m in the process of planning my build. I had initially thought I could set up a table in my garage. After searching around for creep Vs. temperature data for PLA (also saw the greenhouse thread), I’m having second thoughts. While I’m sure there are warmer places in the US, the garage still gets warm (up to ~35 C).

What kind of temperatures have MPCNC units survived without damage?

Are people removing the router to reduce load between use?

I’m thinking of putting the unit on wheels so I can move it into the house, but that is inconvenient.

Thank you

I’m in Scottsdale Arizona where the summer afternoon temp averages around 110 F (43C) and mine has lived in the garage for 3 years with no impact (that I’m aware of.) I print everything with PETG because some of it stays in he car and the temp can reach the level where it will have an impact on PLA. I switched to a spindle about a year ago, but it, and the router before it, always strays on the unit - again no impact that I am aware of.

Best, John


Thank you John, that is welcome input…I would get the usual head shaking if I dragged it into the house.

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It will also survive negative teens in freedom units. Mine lives in my barn and is only heated in the winter when I’m in there.

I have been above 100 for a few weeks, peaking at 107F. The garage is a bit lower than that but I have 2 CNC’s and 6 printers all running 24/7, all PLA. I actually had one of my very first printer prototype parts creep, but honestly who knows what sort of plastic or tolerances I used 3 years ago, and it could have failed from 3 years of 24/7 use. So 107 is close to the limit for bottom of the barrel PLA the rest seems great.

Thanks guys, I’ll just go with PLA. If I have to reprint something in the future, so be it.