MPCNC Software Help.

Hi All

I am having one of those days so please forgive me if what I am about to ask is stupid and I have a brain freeze.

I managed to wipe the software from my MPCNC (Had my PC connected to my MPCNC instead of the test board Mega I have, Doh)

I was using an old / first version of the Dual Endstop software, so I tried to find it and ended up on the Github page.

Downloaded MPCNC_Ramps_T8_16T_LCD_32step_DualEndstop

The structure of this folder is completely different to what I was expecting and have no idea how to upload it to my MPCNC.

I was expecting the folder to contain lots of .h files like for Pins and the like.

As I say I may just be having one of those days and cant see the forest for all the damn trees :slight_smile:


Marlin was restrucured. Some folks have reported issues with errors associated with a filename being too long. There’s a fix for this described in the how-to instructions on the Firmware page - look for “Beta Pre-Release Firmware” and remember to close the IDE before you save the changes to the preferences.txt file. Good luck!


Thanks for the reply.

Ok, this is now really confusing me, I gather there is not a Pre-Configured firmware anymore for the Dual Endstops for Ramps 1.4 board?



There is a dual endstop version for Ramps. Ryan has a dedicated page for dual endstops which will direct you to his github.


Yes I have been to the GitHub page and downloaded the Dual Endstop that I required but leading back to my first post, its not in a structure that the usual MPCNC firmware that I am used to is in.

As I say I may be missing something.


The structure has changed. It is no longer a flat file structure with everything in one directory. Here’s what my directory looks like.

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Unless you’re adding other things like a laser, you should only need to edit Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h


Thanks for the info, yes something was missing my inability to read today, thankyou for posting the pics and clarifying my confusion.

For some reason my brain just doesnt want to engage today, haha.




Ok thanks to BT I have got the new software installed and running on my MPCNC.

Is there a lot of changes between the older version and this one as I have done some test runs and what it is drawing well it isnt even recognizable to what its meant to be drawing, I am assuming I have just missed a setting somewhere. I had to change steps to 160 as I am using 20 Teeth pulleys instead of 16 Teeth, but I cant remember if I had to change anything else.



That should be the only change needed. All your steppers are moving the direction they should?

Hi Ryan

I would say neither the X or Y steppers are moving in the correct direction as I have no idea what it is they were trying to draw, but both directions did move and had no issues with steppers out of sync, at least when they did move they moved in tandem.

I am currently doing some 3D printing so my CNC machine isnt on, but when I have finished my prints, I will draw a simple 50 mm x 50 mm cube and see what it is trying to do.