Mpcnc skr 1.2 set up

I am new to this and in the process of setting up my mpcnc primo with skr pro 1.2.
is the a video tutorial on how to set up and get it working.

also i have not purchased from the V1 site so what do i have to do to programme the board

I don’t know of an official V1 video on setting up the SKR Pro board, though there are a number of Primo builds documented on YouTube.

For the hardware side, follow the instructions on this page. The steps for bending the pin to disable sensorless homing, setting up the jumpers, and wiring the steppers are found on the referenced page.

As for the firmware:

  • Go to this page and download the file V1CNC_SkrPro_Dual_2209. It is important that you select the one that has “Dual” in the name, and does not have “LR” in the name.
  • Open the ZIP file and extract firmware.bin.
  • Put firmware.bin on a FAT32 formatted SD card. SD cards 32GB and under are best for formatting as FAT32. You would have to jump through some hoops for larger SD cards.
  • With the control board off, insert the SD card in the SD slot on the control board (not the display).
  • Power on the control board.

If flashing the firmware is successful, the file on the SD card will be renamed to firmware.cur

when removing the jumpers and putting it on UART. do you do it on all 6 ?and which drivers do you put the 5 drivers on? which one do i leave out

The 6th doesn’t matter for jumpers, since you aren’t using it, but I did it anyway.

If you look at the drivers, they have labels at the motor connectors. X, Y, Z, E0, E1, E2. Leave E2 empty for 5 drivers. E2 is the socket furthest from the power connectors. Speaking of the motor connectors, there is a Z0 and Z1 connector. There are jumpers on the Z1 connector. Leave them there and do not connect a motor to that one.

i have managed to get everything working but wondering about the dual endstops… where do they mount on the trucks ? what is there to stop the cnc from going the opposite way and keep moving. surely it needs a stop on both side? is there such thing as a top and bottom limit ? sorry completely new to this and have no idea.

If you looknat the trucks, there is a pair of holes on one side near the bearing mounts. That is the spot for the switch.

Thevfirmware used the switches only for homing the machjne once homed, jt no longer checks rhem, so it is up to you to generate your program psthswothin the capability ofbthe machine. It will jhappily atyempt to drive into negative space, or beyond the reach of its axes.

What homing teally does for us is ensure that the machine is square, and alsonit gives us a repeatable position.

Almost all MPCNC Primo users don’t use endstops or softstops (calculated endstops) to limit the movement of their machines. The easiest CAM solution is to establish the origin of the job relative to the stock. So, typically, the stock is mounted, the machine homed to square it, the router bit is moved to the origin of the job relative to the stock, and then a G92 is executed to reset the machine origin to the job origin. At that point, since the machine origin has moved to a random point in the work space, Marlin firmware no longer knows where the router is relative to the machine boundaries, so it cannot limit the machine movement.

It is possible to limit machine movement, but it involves mastering workspace coordinate systems, and modifying the firmware to enable softstops and to set the working space of the machine.

Crashes on the Primo are relatively benign. The steppers are not that powerful, so typically a crash at the limits of the machine does not cause any damage. I make a lot of stupid mistakes and have crashed my machine a number of times. The worst thing that has happened to me is that I broke a stop block. A quick 3D print, and I was up and working again.