MPCNC recomended size for Prototyping

Hello, my name is Adrian. I’m studying Industrial Desing and this year I learned how to use a pretty big 3 axis CNC in the university with one of my teachers. I milled a 1:10 scale SUV in polyurethane foam (I added a photo) and I’m very interested in building an MPCNC for milling soft materials and 3D printing.

I need a pretty big volume due the size of the products we design (in the final proyect we have to design a car). But i dont know if I will need to do some modifications to the original MPCNC.

I read this post and I’m planing on doing something similar but in a smaller size. I need a portable machine.

I’m thinking on doing a kind of core xy build with the mpcnc on top (without legs) and a height adjustable base (sometimes i will need to mill some wood).

I already have an Anet A8 with some friends, but I want a bigger volume

My idea is to have a working volume of 23"x 23"x 20", but I don’t know if the Z axis will work well.

Sorry for my bad english and congrats for this beautiful machine.

I do not recommend that size in any way. Cutting your parts into multiple pieces is a much better option.


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I would look into doing your projects in slices, then stacking them on top of each other to create the final product. You should try and keep the Z height much shorter in order to get decent results.

Thank you very much for the reply. The main problem of slicing the projects is the difficulty of keeping all the parts together. If you can’t pin up the pieces properly they can easily move and ruin all your work. The lack of flat surfaces is a really big problem.

I will need to find another way to do it.