MPCNC Printed parts only in toronto

I have just the printed parts for the mpcnc for 1" conduit. Printed in grey pla. I had it all assembled, used it then decided to go in a different direction. As anyone on this forum knows, this took days to print…

$60 cash or trade for a new spool of ABS/PLA+

Or if you have the lowrider stuff Printed we could just trade :wink:

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Just to be clear, these are the sizes of the STLs:

C: 3/4" conduit, 3/4"(19mm) ID, 23.5 OD
F: 25mm OD tubing
J: 1" (25.4mm) OD tubing

I’m assuming you meant “J” when you said 1" conduit, but there is no size that fits 1" condiut. Each part should have the C/J/F on it somewhere.

They are C. Thanks for the clarification.

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Good call–I just measured and the conduit is 15/16" outer diameter–so its what home depot calls 3/4" conduit–so a type C.

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I’m interested in the parts. It’s this the primo version?

No these pre-date primo–So they would be Burly I guess??

Thank you. I’ll pass. I saw a laser up for sale and think I’ll try for this to add to my LR2.

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These are burly.

Are these still available?

New Guy / Iain

Waubaushene Ont

Yup and i can ship if you are ok covering the cost…im in burlington.

Sounds good.

Is there a Pm function here? Because if you have Paypal, I’ll send payment.

Click on the person’s name and select “Message”

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