Mpcnc Primo to LR3 Conversion

Hello, I recently bought and built a MPCNC Primo but I built it too big so instead of downsizing I would like to know if anyone knows the parts I would need from the hardware kit from the v1e store for the mpcnc to convert it to the Lowrider 3. Thanks!

Here is the hardware list for the Primo

and the hardware list for the LR3

You will be short some screws but that should give you a number for how many. You might be better off (easier) to get this instead…

That is the hardware and the linear rails needed for a LR2 to LR3, this should get you what you need to go from a Primo but check and see. Your steppers and control board from the primo will work just fine on the LR3, just will need a firmware flash.

You will also need…

XZ Plates
YZ Plates (or cut your own on the Primo before disassembly)
Belt (look at the LR3 Calculator for how much you need)
2 Z Lead Screws

I’m sure I am forgetting something but hopefully someone will come along and catch my mistake LOL. You should be real happy with the LR3!

Thank you!

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