MPCNC Primo Printed Part - Claimed

This is no longer available.


I was going to convert my Burly to a Primo, but settled on an LR3 instead. Consequently, I have a set of printed parts available - size “C” (23.5mm for 3/4 EMT). I printed them in either hatchbox or overature PLA using the recommended settings on a MP3DP (version 2). They are mostly black, but the core and a couple accent parts are blue.

No hardware or bearings or anything - I’m going to repurpose anything that is still in good shape other than the controller. That is an arduino mega / ramps with an lcd. It is wired for 12v, but no power supply is available. Ramps has a horrible reputation for a good reason but this one has hundreds of hours on it so it is probably an okay one :grinning:. Let me know if I should include it.

I’ll ship anywhere in the US (lower 48).
All I ask is that when it arrives you send a donation to @Ryan - whatever your conscious tells you, but preferably at least enough to cover my shipping cost (est $12).


Thank you for the consideration, but please you should get something for your time. I’m fine with you recouping some costs.


I’d rather give them away than throw them away.
It’s all sunk cost other than shipping and I’m not giving anyone my payment info - yours is already out there :wink:

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