MPCNC Primo: looking for a new owner in Germany

Hello dear V1 Community,

in my thread Time to end the longest procrastinated MPCNC build (in my garage at least) I started and stopped documenting my MPCNC build.

It was a project I picked up during the Pandemic and got stopped really hard by a rather intense Covid infection I got. Then the project lay around for long time and other CNC tools came along, namely my Shaper Origin. I had my fun building the MPCNC but after finishing it I noticed that I can do all of this with the handheld CNC and am rather in need of a huge milling area, something the LR3 can offer.

Which is why I created this topic:
I want to give this 605x405mm workspace MPCNC Primo for 25mm OD stainless steel tubing to someone in this community looking for a jumpstart with a carefully and tidily built machine at a low pricepoint (250€).
As of this moment it is running the dual endstop firmware on a SKR1.2 Pro with a TFT inside a control box. All wiring is done. I had to replace the Z motor which is already mounted, but still needs to be soldered to the already laid out wire.
After that it’s just about re-checking all steps in the MPCNC Documentation, fix the endstops again to the rail, tension the belts, add your router and have fun.

The machine is located in Heidelberg, Germany and ready for pickup. I urgently need the space freed up, which is why I give it away for 250€ at no gain (I don’t think it’s even covering material costs), hoping it will bring joy and satisfaction to some person of the V1 cosmos that maybe struggles to afford a completely new built. On the other hand, I need the space NOW, so it’s priced to move :slight_smile: I could theoretically dismantle it and ship it somewhere in parts, yet I think it would be best to pick it up.

Please examine the pictures attached carefully and also look at the thread I linked above.

If you have any questions, please let me know.
See you soon in my new build thread around the LR3, which I have started assembling yesterday and am awaiting the delivery of the wood to construct the table for it at this very moment. :slight_smile:


And it’s gone.
Thread can be closed/archived/deleted.


We can leave it up. It is nice to have a record so people can get a sense of what works.

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