MPCNC Primo for Sale - RAMBo 1.4

Primo for sale. I recently installed an AVID CNC and no longer need this machine. Everything you see in the images below is what will come with the purchase. Everything was printed extremely well on my Prusa printer, but the main gantry was not perfect after lifting slightly on the bed. This made the machine slightly off in the x axis. This can easily be reprinted for use with all the hardware. The tubes are 1" polished stainless steel cut to 3’, 2.5’, 1.25’, 1’. The machine has a cutting capacity of 24’x16’x3". The controller is the Rambo 1.4 without endstops. Here is an image of the assembled machine before I took it down. Everything was disassembled enough to be able to ship. Being a new user I can only post one image. I can send an email with more images if your interested.

Hit me up if you are interested in purchasing.

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This does not include the router.

How much are you asking, and where are you located? wondering if I could pickup instead of ship.


Nice congrats! I feel good about being the gateway to things like this.


Located in San Diego, CA. I am not sure what price I am looking for. I think the most valuable parts of the system are the non 3D printed hardware and the control board. The kits retails new for about $350 without 3D parts or tube. The metal was $157 + Kit price so I would be interested to sell around $275.

It taught me everything I needed for the Avid. Now I am cutting some really big stuff and fast. Wouldn’t have gotten into it without using both versions of the MPCNC first.


Same way I did my cables… nice

Does this make you our dealer…? Lol :laughing: :rofl: :joy:


Correction. Shipping weight without tubes is 25

SOLD, thank you for looking.

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