MPCNC Parts for sale

I am moving on to a different type of machine. I would like to sell the parts of my machine here for someone else to take advantage of if that is ok…

It is printed in PETG 3 Perimeters, 60%, Comes with all the bearings, nuts and bolts installed. 1" Version. No cracks. Needs some cleaning. Bearings should all be good.

Includes my dewalt 660 router. Works 100% very little use. Includes printed mounts and 2 styles of printed dust collectors (although I never got around to putting them on), speed controller for the router, printed mounting box and fan for RAMPS1.4.

I think $220 USD + shipping is fair price.

Add-on on options:
Preconfigured for MPCNC Arduino/RAMPS/Drivers/2004 lcd - $25
6 Watt Diode Laser with heatsink and mount low hours - $50
1.8 watt Diode Laser with heatsink and mount not used - $40

Please message me if you are interested. I am in Manitoba Canada and shipping cost will calculated based on your location and desired service.

email is

No, don’t leave Jason!

Seems like a good price.

Took me a long time to decide to change up… I am still thinking somewhere down the line when I get more shop space I might have to build another smaller one.

All pieces are sold. Thanks