MPCNC Parts for Sale - California

Hi all!

I bought an MPCNC parts kit in 2016 and started building on but never got around to it. Finally cleaning out the garage with all the time at home and ready to find a new home for the parts. I never hooked up the electronics or even opened half of them and all of the hardware and printed parts are for whatever version was most current in July 2016.

Asking $175 for all plus you pay the cost of shipping.

  • 5 NEMA 17 Steppers
  • Wiring Extension
  • Graphic LCD
  • Belts, zipties, USB cable, laptop power supply
  • Arduino MEGA and shield with 4 stepper drivers
  • 4 extra stepper drivers
  • All the printed parts I made, pretty sure I’m missing a decent number but at least gets you started
  • Hardware and bearings

Feel free to reach out if you are interested/need to know more details. I contacted Ryan about posting the parts here and got his OK and I’m happy to make a listing on ebay/etsy if that makes anyone more comfortable about purchasing.

Is this still available? If it is, is there a way to private message to work out details.

Hi it is available

This has been sold, sorry!