MPCNC or Lowrider kits

I was just wondering if there was an ETA on when either the MPCNC kit or the Lowrider kit might be back in stock?

Should be today.

Just ordered, can’t wait to build. Thanks!


I will do my best to get it shipped tomorrow, the regular mail lady is off so if they come to early I will not be ready.

LowRider kits coming soon? Thanks.

Kits are in stock, now, will double check boards after today’s orders. Trying to move to a new inventory system and I am not confident in the numbers right now.

Numbers at check out aren’t adding up correctly. See below.

LowRider2 CNC Bundle

1 LowRider2 CNC Bundle Add a control board?: Rambo (5 drivers) Add DeWalt 611 1/8" Collet: ✓ Add an LCD?: ✓ Add an SD card for the LCD?: ✓ Add a printed parts set?: Print your own 1 $256.00

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Cost summary|Description|Price|
| — | — |
|Total|USD $269.65|

I’m not sure what that means. The numbers you gave are right, but try clicking through to the next screen for the full list including all your options (or no options).

I placed the order. Hopefully everything flowed through. Total should be approx. $4XX. for what I ordered. I guess I got the 1 million order discount?

Not a high probability of that…

“So you’re saying there’s a chance!”
circa: 1994

I was just thinking, “I should watch that again”. But I immediately remembered every detail.

The Buy with PayPal button is the culprit.

It doesn’t include the add-ons.

Shoot…that is not good. Let me see if I can do something about that.

Did you use the button from the shop screen, cart, or checkout? I am guessing the shop (the screen where you actually select them)?

Looks like my theme had a “dynamic button” so it actually used whatever payment method you usually used, amazon or paypal. I turned it off.

Sorry for the hassle.