MPCNC in Washington, D.C.!

Totally vanilla build here. Slapped it on this dodgy table- sturdy enough on it’s own, though I will probably screw it to my workbench.
Milled some MDF, ABS sheet, and then straight onto 1/4" aluminium. Will post final product later!
This 1’ x 1’ plate will be used as a prototype for rigging automated lighting fixtures to the top of truss. Currently, many people use a ratchet strap for this application. My company thinks that is not good enough!


Couple of test runs and into a new product…PERFECT!

Yeah, thanks to your great build guide and amazing design! Blew some minds this week when I told other folks in the industry that our little shop can make these like a pro manufacturer. Maybe not to a large production scale…but enough for us!

Thank you!

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So cool to hear that.