MPCNC in California

Up and cutting from the Central Valley! Cant thank you enough Ryan for all of the hard work you’ve put in to this awesome machine! Cant thank the community enough for all of the guides, comments, write ups, videos, etc! No way could I have done this without all of that.

Its absolutely crazy to me that a few months ago I got the itch to have a CNC Router and here I am (for a lot less than I initially told my wife it would cost, which is the only reason I have one now!)

No amazing pictures but I do have a lot of motivation from some of the amazing photos I keep seeing! I am glad to see Im not the only multi-color machine out there though!


What is that? An MPCNC for ants? (referring to the big spider).

Actual footage of me preparing prints…


Funny story, my wife is 8 months pregnant and HATES spiders, like has barricaded herself in a room for hours cause spider was outside the door, hate spiders. So NATURALLY my 7 year old daughter thinks its hilarious to buy the BIGGEST spider she could from her Sunday school shop (yes my wife called and “thanked” the pastor) just so that she could scare the crap out of mom. She put it in her bed under the covers, then mom scared herself by moving it to the counter in the kitchen to get away from it and walking back in later. Now its on my MPCNC because I didnt know where else to put it that doesnt come back up later and scare her. I didn’t want to throw it away since my daughter earned it, also I know when she has taken it and stashed it somewhere to scare mom when he goes missing from my work bed.


She needs some fishing line now…to make it come alive! (and when they are nearby being really quiet you know something is up).

If I encourage the startling of mom the problems are two fold. 1: early baby 2: No more wife approval for my lowrider build!

Which reminds me I need to pick up some MDF to make some side plates!

Ryan, if memory serves you are out here in the Bay Area right? I remember when I ordered my MPCNC kit I was so antsy I remember looking up where its coming from and it wasnt far from my office (relative to Bay Area distances of course… 15 miles = 1 hour!)

If she’s 8 months, you better hurry and get this running. Otherwise, see you in 6 months. :slight_smile:

Yup, Pleasant Hill.

Added bonus, Its for my church AND I will have a month and half off soon. Which means that I won’t get to it for about 6 months… dang… youre smart…

Nice! Im over here in Dublin… at least for the next little bit! Always awesome to meet neighbors, you can add a “Designed in Pleasant Hill CA” tagline to the logo!

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