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After 9 days of printing (almost non-stop) and another week of assembly (evenings), here’s my machine moving on its own!

I used the tape-measure cable chain trick for X and Y. That’s the clicking sounds you hear in the video.


  • Connect the step-down to power the Raspberry Pi from the RAMBo's power brick.
  • Connect the relay for turning the tool on and off.
  • Trim up the wires to an appropriate length
  • Design an enclosure for the RAMBo and Raspberry Pi with mounts for the relay and power brick
I'd like to use some small-diameter acrylic rods to bring light from the status LEDs to the surface of the case - same idea as an edge lit acrylic sign. Do you guys think that'll work?

Just a suggestion, move the cable chain to the carriage, not the top of the z. It can cause issues, might not, but it is a possibility.

Thanks for the suggestion! Flipping the cable chain from vertical to horizontal shouldn’t be too difficult.

You could probably keep it the way you have it, just needs an L bracket coming off one of the top bolts. If that makes sense. Hang on, I can draw something on my phone, I’ll update in a couple minutes.


There we go. I can’t tell how much room there is, might need to be a U shape, but you get the idea.

[attachment file=60390]

I went with drag chain setup and it is working great.
I found it over on Thingivers.
[attachment file=60394]


I use the z_mount_fixed part from this thingiverse design.

[attachment file=“z cable mount.jpg”]


oh that’s sweet. Printing one up this evening.

Yesterday, I got my relay cutting the tool on and off now.



Nice, Don’t walk away from it though!

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Today, I started working on designing a case for the electronics. I haven’t tackled auto-squaring end-stops yet, but that won’t really affect how I design the case.

I spent the day measuring my RAMBo, LCD, and Raspberry Pi, and transferring all of that in to Fusion 360. I printed a few layers of bits and pieces to make sure all my screw holes lined up and everything was laid out properly.

Oh, and I made a thing to “route” light from the status LEDs through some acrylic rod to the outside of my case, just like an edge-lit sign.

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No way. I don’t even like to let my MK3 run overnight, and that fancy hot glue gun on a robot arm is way less scary than my DW660.

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Prototyping my electronics case w/ edge-lit acrylic rod on the status LEDs


RAMBo on the top bunk, Raspberry Pi & 12v to 5v regulator on the bottom bunk

[attachment file=61220]


Raspberry Pi power and activity LEDs

[attachment file=61221]


[attachment file=61222]

Naked prototype, to make sure all the holes and standoffs line up

[attachment file=61223]

I also like to live dangerously…

[attachment file=61224]



Ugh! My Fusion design got corrupted… It won’t even open the previous version. I learned a lesson - save often, then export & use real version control if it’s something you really care about.

I have lots of STLs I can measure, so it’s not a total loss. I posted in Autodesk support, but I’m starting over while I wait for a response.

GitHub renders STLs in the browser. Check it out!

Yeah, it’s a pretty good way to store stls. It’s not as friendly to share as TV though (searching, or just exploring remixes or looking through tags is a great way to find projects on TV).

Yeah. I’m just using GitHub for version-controlled storage, not collaboration or publishing.

Fusion 360 froze while editing a sketch and my whole “file” (blob of data in their cloud) got corrupted, so I had to start over. It wouldn’t even roll back to a previous version. Now I export the f3d and stl every time, and git commit / git push.

My rebuilt case prototype, with a case fan at (what will become) the top.

[attachment file=61405]

I chose the fan because it had a mechanical drawing. It was wrong.

[attachment file=61406]

Dang all the way to a V8… I usually get to about 3 and call it a day. It will be a great feeling when you work it all out and have a finished box!

I cringe whenever I learn how any other version control system works. I’ve been using git (but not usually github) since we switched from CVS about 10 years ago. I hate every other vcs. I guess that makes me a snob…