MPCNC Fusion 360 Model

Happy New Year from Germany everybody,

i would like to know if there is a Fusion 360 model of the MPCNC Primo somewhere to download. I would like to design parts with a 3D mockup of my built, would be easier to improve addons for me because the CNC is not located where i live.

I found burly models so maybe someone already did it for the primo ?



This could be a good starting point. This is the 25mm version. I haven’t downloaded or opened any of the files yet, but there is a ZIP file so you might be lucky to find some F360 files in there.

there are no fusion files in it, that was the only thing close to it i found online.

You’re right, and there’s not even any CAD files other than STL. I have most CAD programs so if you find something I can convert it to STEP for you to open in F360. I am sure a model exists out there somewhere.

I believe Ryan does his CAD work in Fusion 360, but he only releases the STL files. He uses the Creative Commons, Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike license when he releases the STL files. He is threading the needle between having an open community while reserving some rights to the intellectual property that he can use to build a business. So there are no public CAD files for the MPCNC. When I’ve want to extend or change my MPCNC, I recreate a CAD file from the STL file for reference. In Fusion 360, “Create Mesh Section Sketch,” and “Fit Curves to Mesh Section” are very helpful in creating accurate reference CAD drawings from STL files.


Additionally, I read this on the FAQ page. Makes sense to me.

CAD Files

-I do not have any CAD files available other than a few mounts that makes it easy for anyone to edit. I do this intentionally. I hope no one takes this the wrong way but the parts are easy to replicate. If you can replicate the parts from scratch you can probably make an informed edit and understand how the pieces interact and how to keep them printable as well. This means people who are making new parts should be making pretty high quality parts, no one wants to have to try several versions to figure out what actually works, right?

-If you need a dimension, please ask I am not hiding anything, but I am not going to supply you with technical drawings. I am trying to keep poorly made things from popping up everywhere. It happened in the first few months of the release. I have seen nothing but well designed parts coming out lately and I think this is best for everyone. I love user designed things, and I support them as much as I can.

-Some parts could be better or stronger with added hardware, or the use of support when printing, this is not my design intent. I am trying to keep the cost down and the world wide usability at a maximum. Specialty hardware is a pet peeve.


It’s a shame people do those things. I’m sure Bennet has good intentions, as does Ryan. I don’t know a lot about him but this project is his full time job from what I gathered, so I understand where he is coming from.

Do what things? Generate crap on the coattails of a successful design in hopes of cashing in a quick buck, or protect their hard work and livelihood while trying to support creativity and innovation?

Quick disclaimer: I am NOT trying to insinuate that Bennet is trying to turn a quick buck on Ryan’s design; that is what has happened in the past that caused Ryan to protect himself the way he has. Bennet has shown no indication that they have any ill intent or ulterior motive.

yes, those trying to rip people like Ryan off. I went ahead and ordered my kit from him & just placed an order for more parts even just now, because his knowledge, effort & support are worth far more than the savings I’d find elsewhere. I do not believe the op is trying to do that at all either. it’s just an unfortunate situation. I hope Bennett finds a workable solution for his machine mockups.

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Great thread. I think Ryan does well at threading the needle. There is no patent that I have found, but the .f3d assembly on his computer represents the bulk of the intellectual property that makes MPCNC successful. The parts may not be easy to replicate and were certainly much less easily designed from scratch.

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