MPCNC for sale in Colorado Springs, CO USA (will ship)

Selling my MPCNC Primo because I want to upgrade to a Onefinity Journeyman CNC.

It has a 30"x30"x4" working area. Willing to ship within the US. I am located in Colorado Springs. It will probably be much cheaper to ship it without conduit, but I can if you want. I plan on including it unless asked otherwise.


  • Rambo board (with 3d printed housing)
  • LCD screen (with 3d printed housing)
  • all 3D printed parts
  • all motors, nuts, bolts, bearings, wiring, belts, etc (basically everything that comes with the primo kit)
  • Emergency Stop button
  • pre-cut conduit tubing

looking to get $350 for it (not including shipping).

Do you have pictures of your Primo?
Is it working?
Is it on a table?

I’m in Colorado, though up north of the Denver metro area.
Would pick up be an option?

I’m potentially interested depending on the state of the machine…