Mpcnc for sale, $500 Boston area

I’m selling a smaller MPCNC in the greater Boston area. The working space is about 12x20; rails outer dimensions are 24x32, and it’s mounted on a 24x48 piece of mdf.

I recently moved and my garage shop can’t handle dust collection and a router at the same time. I could work around it, but I just haven’t had the time to do much cnc work recently.

Machine works, but will probably need to be re-squared. The motor wires run through the conduits and all of the wires go through drag chains. All the parts are from the v1 store. Rambo board, all of the motors have quick connects into the controller box. Controller box has fans and a raspi inside for sending files to it. Lcd panel is on a long tether so you can use it like a pendant. Every axis has end stops sensors and there’s a touch plate for z. There’s a quick change tool mount that currently has the DeWalt 660 on it, as well as a dust boot I made for it.

Includes the DeWalt 660, a few dozen tools, extra drag chain, wire, cable sleeves, and vacuum hose.