MPCNC Fan Control - SKR Pro

Hi All, I’m to the point of wiring on my first MPCNC build and I just wanted to check in on best practices and default firmware configurations. In the stock firmware configuration, does anything trigger the fan outputs on the SKR board? I’m planning to have a fan blowing on the Stepper drivers – in 3D printer applications I’m used to (using Klipper), there is a ‘controller fan’ output that turns on when the steppers are enabled and I’d like to emulate a similar behavior.

You can either wire fans directly to the board power. When the board is on the fan will be on.

Or you can go in the firmware and set the fan port to trigger with movement, or a few other options.

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Remember, though, that the steppers still use energy and thus get hot while they are holding position, not just when they are moving.


Trigger with movement and not shut off until the steppers are disengaged. I should have been more complete with my answer.

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Maybe use one of the stepper driver enable pins split to a relay. Can you assign multiple pins to a function? Like X-axis enable pin is (nn), and also (nx?)

I think the logic in Marlin is already set up to run the fan when the motor drivers are enabled.

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