MPCNC Enclosure - Suggestions for 4" Fume and Dust Fittings

I just got done building an enclosure for my MPCNC and I would like to pass through my dust collection hose and don know a good fitting to go through 3/4" plywood and also step down to a smaller hose for dust collection. There is about 4" of clearance for the z axis in the enclosure and about 2.5" on either side of the machine.

I was thinking of just using a 4" flange on the side for fume extraction.

I’m open to suggestions, links and thingiverse “things”

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You can use this if you just want to suck the dust out of the air.

If you want to try to step it down to a hose to go to a dust shoe, you can use this:"+dust+collection+adapter&qid=1579632683&sr=8-29

I’m using the second one. I have the step down outside of the box, then I just shoved the 2.5" vac hose through a hole in the side of the box. I did a big coiled loop inside the enclosure and used a loose zip tie to hold the hose near the top in the middle of the box so the Z assembly isn’t holding all the weight of the hose.

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Thanks. I was looking at the second one.

I hope you’re not pulling dust/chips straight through that fan assembly. It’s not made for that.

You’ll see in the pictures that I have dust collection and fume extraction.

Cool. I saw the duct booster and thought I’d throw out a warning.

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thanks man!

Just curious, how does air get into your enclosure?

There is a space just below the doors in the front (3/4”) and there is a hole in the back (2”) from a previous shop vac setup.