MPCNC Electronics case DONE!

It has been too cold on the garage to be doing much with my MPCNC build so I have been spending some time trying to figure out how to mount the electronics for my MPCNC. I came up with my plain and finished putting it together this weekend. Wanted to share a few photos of the setup.

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Looks good, though I’d be really tempted to mount an E-Stop button on it as well.

Pretty nice I agree you might want a button topper or something for the reset at least, if not the estop. Hit a screw or break a bit you will want some way to kill it quick.

Very cool. Does the fan sick or blow? Do you leave the lid open? Where does the air go? A little something over the intake will keep it clean in there. Since you made such a nice enclosure, I wouldn’t want it to overheat from dust on everything.

Thanks for the ideas. Have ordered the vent for the case to allow air in. The power supply will pull the air threw the box. Will have to see how the air is flowing. May have to add a intake fan to the vent.

As for the E-Stop, I will be mounting the box under the table I built for the MPCNC and will have a remote E-Stop on top of the table.