MPCNC dual xxyy endstops + 3D/laser/spindle

Hi all,


I’m needing to work a bit on my electronics.

At the moment I use frequently 3D/laser/cnc tools on my MPCNC but:

1- need to drop 12v to 5v on fan extender D11 to use TTL on my laser (max is 5v)

2- external driver for the spindle uses a pot that I want to replace with pwm control

3- ramps boar is short of one stepper driver to use dual xx and yy and still have an extruder


So my idea is shown on the attached image. I am unsure of the layout and would like to ask if it makes sense.


Thank you all,


a) is your spindle PSU 12V tolerant?
b) what does the little red board with D2 do?
c) the big red board is just a breakout for the drivers?

That all seems reasonable with the right pins.h. I’m not familiar enough to know which of those aux pins can be used for what.

Hello Jeff,

The spindle runs from 12 to 48v. The actual psu that came with it is a 12v 50A. The pwm input to drive it is a 12v one too.

The small red board is a fan extender for ramps. Currently I run a fan and the laser from it but that gives me a 12v pwm pin that I have to step down to 5vmax

The big red board is a cnc board for arduino that is described in reprap wiki as a cheap way to add more extruder drivers to ramps.

I will have to learn about how to map the pins but at the moment I’m just trying to see if it all makes sense.

I will probably also add a switch between the psu 12v and the spindle and another between psu 12v and laser just as a safety measure.



any news