Mpcnc Core print help

Hello all I have got everything except the core printed.
I am having issues with adhesion.
I have a flash forge finder am using their slicer. I clean the bed with isopropyl. I have done manual nozzle calibration and bed levelling multiple times.
I kept speed at default( base 60mm/s,travel 80mm/s) but slowed the first 4 layers down to 15mm/s
I have tried 220c,200c,195c. On my 4th attempt now back to 220c.
Doing 4 solid outside layers.
Tried with and without a brim. Ambient temp is about 25c. Im running out of ideas any help appreciated…

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On round 5 fingers crossed I have it. When I first started printing I saw a video saying to slow down first couple layers for better adhesion. On small prints I normally slow first 3 layers to 15mm/s this time I slowed first six. It seems firmly attached Fingers crossed will know tomorrow…

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Still going still looking good.