MPCNC Bushing Edition

I am back beating the dead horse on bushings. I need another router for the shop again just to fill wood working orders.

Has anyone considered combining the MPCNC concept (printed CNC) with the Lumen Labs design?

I was thinking it would work nice with some really coarse pitch threaded rod like m16 or m20, (with the ends turned down to fit a coupler) 1 inch pipe and brass bushings or even some uhmwhdpe or nylon bushing inserts made on a lathe.

Videos are hard to find of the thing.

From What I understand, they went out of business because the owner had health problems and was unable to keep up with orders.

Screenshot of the Lumen Labs CNC


I hast had another idea regarding bushings…

Yesterday I was at my plastics supplier and picked up a one meter length of nylon rod to drill on the lathe and make 8mm printer bushings cause I am running low on bushings and hate to import.

It occurs to me that UHMWHDPE rod is rather cheap and can be run on a lathe also.

Instead of bushings, I use linear bearings. They are not very expensive and it is way easier than having to machine your own bushings.

You can see that on the forum here:

Yes I use linear bearings as well, However the I cant get them in imperial sizes and importing the rod in metric sizes via fedex gets expensive fast

This issue in my eyes is just that, inexpensive accurate rail globally available. If we find something good I will redesign in a heartbeat.

16mm linear guide shaft+linear bushing+t8 spring loaded acme leadscrew+printed monolithic block in a aprox 12x12 inch work area?

CF ABS prints at 15% infill (CF has no warp) 3 perimeter 3 bottom layer 4 top layer.

CAD is drawn…

Z axis printed. Designed to use M16 thread rod and long nuts with 1 inch tubing. brass tubing bushings are 1 inch ID and 29mm OD

Its pretty beefy.

Carbon fiber ABS arrives in 3 weeks. gantry ends will be printed as test pieces from PLA and UHMWPE for production. I split the gantry ends into two parts so I can machine then with a 1/4 inch router bit and then bolt together without needing to flip the part around or do a registration.

Printed parts will be the bits for the rod ends, motor spacers, x and y axis.

Steel base plate (red part) is already ordered in 4mm MS plate, to arrive next week.

It is set up to use either NEMA17 or NEMA23 motors with holes for both sizes.

As is it the red steel plate can be used with guide rods and linear bearings/acme rod/ball screw or thread rod/bushings by adapting the files a little bit.

work area is 2x2 feet. set up for a 65mm router or spindle.

Aluminum foundry arrives in May so I can invest cast parts too.

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