MPCNC Build From Canada

Building one of Vicious1 MPCNC kit. My work area is 24" x 36 and my main purpose of the build is to cut foam board and a bit of wood carving. I’m now at the point where I’m installing the drive motors and want to extend the four wires so I can pass them through the pipe and out the back side. My first question is should I install the Mini Rambo board in the middle at the back of Y tubing to make the steppers wire as short as possible? Or can I install it on one side and have the steppers wire short one side and longer the other side? What I’m asking is does the motor wire length matter?

My second question is does the extended wire need to be shield wire? Because at the moment the Steppers Motor wires are not?

Doesn’t matter you can make those wires pretty long. Shielded In my opinion is better but really shouldn’t matter.

Got my MPCNC all wired up, download the Arduino software in my Laptop and open the filed, can seem to pass the code entry? Did plug in the board and got the X Y Z moving 10 mm at the time with the ICD Screen, all seem to work fine, but that how far I went. Moe

OK Ryan I will try the Estlcam Basics software Thanks Moe