mpcnc build conduit calc issues

trying to make a 4’x3’ machine with z of 6" the conduit cut calc is in inches, how do i put in the feet measurements. ive tryed putting 48 inches and 36 inches, but the calculator will not take those numbers, please help. will be getting the conduit today

That is a big MPCNC. The low rider was designed because this size is very hard to use. You don’t have to build the low rider full sized. My low rider is 48"x36" and it works great.

The 4’x3’ is pretty hard, but the 6" is another red flag. 6" on a 12"x12" printer is ok, but not on a massive MPCNC.

I hate to discourage someone, but really, that sized build with EMT is just not going to work. You really need to stop and think about what you really want and go smaller or to the low rider. Sorry, but better to know now than later.

Wait, you’re building a low rider, right? Are you using the low rider calculator? This is posted in the mpcnc build section.

im bulding the mpcnc first then the low rider. im just printing all the small parts for both right now, im building the mpcnc to cut the lowrider plates out of aluminum lol

Build it way smaller. Aluminum is especially tricky. It won’t work at that size. Make it as small as you can for aluminum.

say 2 feet by 2 feet working area for aluminum?


Keep it down to the size of the largest low rider part you’ll need to cut, and get the Z down to a couple or three inches. You can always make it bigger later if you need to cut a larger part, but the smaller the easier, especially with aluminum.

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