MP3DP v4 - Marlin/Klipper/Other Configs and Slicer Profiles

Nice idea @SupraGuy ! Would personally appreciate know how other people are running their MP3DP’s, for example yesterday several of us shared info about stepper current which was helpful. Sharing feeds/speeds for LR3 has helped too. So…

Shared my Klipper Config, will share my Slicer config when tuned @ v1engineering-mods/mp3dp-v4/ at main · aaronse/v1engineering-mods · GitHub

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Love it @azab2c! Will share my extremely untuned slicer files when I’m back at that computer!

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I’m questioning daily if I am qualified to even own a 3d printer. I’m happy to share configs and profiles, but will do so with a huge caution that this may not be quite right. I’m considering changing my user name to oblob.

Sharing them might give others the chance to help you figure some of the issues out…