MP3DP stepper motors issue

So ive been working on my MP3DP and i got a new arduino mega 2567 and uploaded the firmware to it.

i plugged in the device into the shield and connected the stepper motors, drivers, and the thermistor to make sure it worked. i double checked my wiring and everything is wired correctly from what i can see.

i started repeiter-host and the X, Y, and Z all move in one direction but not in the opposite direction.

any ideas or suggestions to fix the problem?


Wire your endstops the other way. The board thinks they are triggered. If you wired them NO, change them to NC.


for some reason i turned the stepper motor connections around bc when i went -Y direction the plate would go +Y direction and so did the other axises.

after i did that and connected the end stops it moved fine.

but now i have a new problem:

the bed plate goes back and forth but when it reaches Y=0 on the indicator, it will not move past it to the negative spectrum.

any explanation on that?

should the printer be coordinate (0, 0, 0) at a corner or in the center of the bed?

The mp3dp shoukd not travel in the negative direction. Lower left corner is 0,0.

So I’m still having trouble with the motors only turning one direction and not the other.

check you endstops if they’re being triggered properly. Disable your steppers in LCD, manually move your axes where it will hit the endstops and send M119 on repeiter-host. See if x,y,z were TRIGGERED when you hit them manually. If they are getting triggered, were you able to Autohome?