MP3DP "Repeat" V3 to V4.1 Upgrade

Now that the MP3DP V4.1 is up and printing.
Sorry, I didn’t do a build log for this one, but if anyone is interested I can list what I used and post more pictures and videos.

Now it is time to upgrade the V3 to a V4.1 :grin:

Took the Printer apart, the only thing that I’m not planning on using is the SKR Pro1.2 as I bought another Manta M8P V1.1 and EBB42, everything else will be reused.


Clean builds!

You work fast. Should I start a new revision to see who finishes first?

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Why not!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Here is a picture of the new frame.

Still a lot to do on the frame, all the 3D parts has been printed except the X carrier and fan duct, as I’m planning to use 2 fans again specially with the Volcano hotend and 0.6 nozzle.
One interesting thing though, the BIQU H2 with 2 fans printing at 225C, 100mm/s perimeter, 70mm/s exterior wall and 140mm/s infill, if I have the fan set to anything over 52%, the filament cools too fast, and I don’t get a good layer adhesion, the printed part just falls apart.

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Cheers for sharing your build journey. Where’s your controller, PSU, got SSR too?

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Everything is in the back of the printer. I can’t take a picture right now as the printer is Printing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Yes, SSR as I’m using the Sidewinder X1 Fula-Bed same bed I have (had) on the Repeat V3(??), I will take a picture tomorrow.

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For this upgrade, I’m planning to do the same, maybe change the position of some components as I won’t need to add the U2C and maybe that will make the wiring a little cleaner.

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I love that you attached the wagu wire connectors. It makes it so much cleaner.

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I should really pull my relays off of the heatsinks. They’re really not needed with as little amperage the devices are pulling.

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Agreed, also very easy to make the connections.

Exactly, on the V3 I had the heatsink installed and the relay was never hot, pretty much room temperature, so I got it out for this one.
I will do the same for upgrade.

Good to know. What sized nozzle (revo?), and layer height (been looking at max flow)? I think you might be on the bleeding edge of flow rate for that little heat block. They only list it as 10mm^3, that doesn’t seem right to me, the hemera is similar and gets 13mm^3. A CHT can bump that 20-50%. Fast 3D printing is bad for Strength! (and how to fix it!) - YouTube

P.S. I really like the way the H2V2S looks if paired with a CHT (maybe even CHT Hardened tip). Much lighter, more compact, and a bit cheaper than the Hemera XS. The H2 light seems really nice except the non-standard nozzles (might ask if they will send me special builds with the standard heater and nozzles).

No revo, this is the first generation H2 that I got back in August last year.
0.4 nozzle, I usually print at 0.28mm
I just upload a video that shows printing at 140mm/s infill, it is pulling 16.2mm^3 and at 100mm/s on the perimeter it is at 10.1mm^3/s

Screenshot 2023-05-05 at 8.56.58 PM

I think we can get a lot more out of this little bugger. I will have to do more tuneup to get it to print faster, but for now I’m pretty damn happy with it.

I stop the printer as I don’t need to print another test cube… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
here is a picture that shows the infill and the Y side of the printed part.

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That is insane!!! Nice work.

So I guess when the fans come on is the extruder still holding temp?

I am very excited to run my H2 with a CHT now!!! I am prepping a 12"x12" 24V / mains bed. 24v 5015 fans push so much more air than a 12V I hope one is fine.

Yep, it holds right after a dip to about 223.5 to 224, it goes right back up and holds at 225

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Shit!!! I forgot to get a serial number for that printer…I will do it now…
Is the serial number transferable??? As this “new build” is an upgrade?? :grin: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

You should think about trying Klipper, you will be surprised.
I don’t know what you have for acceleration, but I’m running at 7000


kinematics: corexy
max_velocity: 800
max_accel:7000 #10800
max_accel_to_decel: 3500 #5400
max_z_velocity: 400
max_z_accel: 200
square_corner_velocity: 4.5

As you can see on my print config, I did try 10000 but had issues with ghosting…
I’m hoping that with this upgrade, the extra brace in the front will help with rigidity and eliminate ghosting at 10000 acceleration


I have a stack of new parts sitting here, and I was starting to load up klipper, have a bag of accelerometers… This big printer will be my mess around printer when I build it. I have almost all the parts ready. I am almost done with the first prototype of a new project for bagging screws. If that goes smooth, I should have more time to experiment.