MP3DP Repeat Nozzle Temp

I am noticing the nozzle temperature on my Repeat is not stabilizing very well. In the screenshot below, I am running at 220 F nozzle temperature and it is fluctuating back and forth between 217-222 F.

I am using the Hemera 12v Direct Drive extruder. What would be causing this?


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222F-217F is 5F. Five degrees. There’s a classic meme/game/joke about “six degrees of Kevin Bacon”. At those temps (still a little low for proper crispiness), I figured actual bacon would be more appropriate.

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Have you run PID Tuning on the hot end? It looks very regular, so I’d guess it’s not unusual environmental stuff going on.

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How do I run PID Tuning on it?

Also, I have recently moved it to a different location than before so the ambient temp is different. But the ambient temp is pretty constant and shouldn’t be causing this I wouldnt think. Just seems like it overshoots its target temp, falls back down too low, then overshoots again and repeats that cycle.

Check out PID autotune | Marlin Firmware

This tunes the behavior so that it should oscillate less.

Teaching tech has an awesome calibration website

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