MP3DP repeat FysetcS6 end stop issues

Hi. I’m trying to finish my v3 Repeat build using a Fysetc S6 board, which I have as a spare from another project.
Motors are working, etc so as an example when I move Z all motors move in sync in the correct direction. However, I can’t get the board to home properly. When I home Z, the print head moves to Ymin (i.e. Y axis movement is triggered). The Pins for the endstops are correctly defined using the pin numbering at the back of the board and against external sources.
I also can’t use pronterface with this board as the USB serial port doesn’t operate out of boot mode (that I know of - again, help needed here as hours of googling reveal no answers to this)

Any ideas?


Which firmware are you using?

I’m using Marlin 2.1.1

I finally got Pronterface to connect by setting serial 1 to -1 so I used M119 to test the sensors. All endstops are ‘open’, but are not triggering when I actually block the sensors. On repeated M119 tests, the z-sensor randomly reflects being ‘triggered’. Pin definitions for the endstops looked fine and there were no conflicts.
I then reviewed the wiring and it turns out that the stock wiring was reversed. The endstops are now working fine.
The homing sequence is also odd (compared to a normal cartesian printer) and the printer head moves to the middle before the z starts homing. This is what caused the odd movement!