MP3DP "Repeat" Build

One thing I did after several attempts were replace the SD card. It was formatted clean. I’m sure I had no files in it.


FWIW, I have only ever actually RUN the printer with no SD card in the board slot… Though I was hoping to be able to use the board slot. Maybe I won’t…


The printer is alive!!!
Got home late and tired. Spend couple hours playing with it and the slicer and got my first print.

For the first print I think it is pretty damn good …
I still need to run linear advance, some more test prints and tweak the Slicer.
That Cube was done with 0.6mm nozzel, 0.35 layer Height and 100mm/s speed with all other speeds set by the Prusaslicer… (0 mm/s or %)


Looks great!!!

I think at this point it is mostly a cooling issue. Either lower the minimum layer time or start printing larger stuff! I find at the higher speeds you have to print two or three of the test items at the same time or you never hit full speed.

I am printing more full plates now. The leveling makes that possible without worries, and it gives each layer a bit more time to cool. Feeling like my print times are already about half the MP3DP V2 with a bit better quality on top of that.


I’m guessing you are making parts for the store? That is a pretty exciting milestone for a new printer.


Yes I think you are right, I will do another run with 3 or more test cubes.
I need to get a new heated bed for this printer, even though it is brand new, with Z leveling and ABL I still see high and lows in the skirt lines… I should have droped a glass to the bed before adding the magnitic print surface…
I also will push the printer to the limit, I want to see how fas It can go :wink:
I think the FW is set to 200?? I will bring that up to 400

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So, I got back late last night and this morning I isntall the “old board” back, reflash the firmware, try with sd card in and it did the same thing.
Removed the SD Card, reinitialized the eeprom and the problem is gone!
@vicious1 You are right… SD Card was the issue…
No more SD Card on any BTT boards…


I added notes to the instructions in two places. I hope everyone sees it.

Glad the board is good!


Me too…
I still don’t understand why the SD Card would cause any of the problems.
And Thank you for pointing that out.

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Any updates? I was kinda waiting to see what you guys thought before the big release.

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Here are some updated pictures of the build, I’m not finished yet (hope to get it done tonight), still need to extend every single wire that is coming from the Hotend side…

@vicious1, Now I’m not sure if I continue the discution here or you should move it to the other thread …
I had the lock piece in 2 off the 3 Z axis… Don’t know how I miss that one…
I replace the Z stop belt on all 3 Z axis added the lock piece back on all of then and I’m still have the same results and actually the one that that did not have the lock piece got worst.
Here is how strait the belt is.

All 3 belt peices toguether

and the resolt

I will print all new stepper blocks tonight with regular PLA and test in the morning, maybe the Carbon Fiber Polycarbonate is the problem.

Before I do that I will file the slot a little bit and see if that change anything


That’s definitely the least desired result the way that belt piece curled. I don’t think that a reprint of the pieces will be the answer though. A little gentle filing will straighten the piece. From here it looks like your alignment is very much like mine.

I had thought that it might be the MGN12H rails being a bit different from Ryan’s, but I think that if that were the case, my heated bed mount plate would have been a little off. I didn’t leave much room to play with those slots for the mounting bolts… I’m sure that it wasn’t as much as those appear to be out at least, and I did verify that the bolts sit very close to the center of the slot when the bed is level.


This just gave me chills.

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Gave me hot flashes.


Agreed. Looks like you got some extra first layer squish. That notch looks to be messing with the belt on yours. It is only there to hold the lock piece. Slice most of it off and I thank you will be good to go.

The rest of the build is looking fantastic though.

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If you mount the control board on the back will all your wires reach there? You can mount it inside or outside, depending how clean you get with your wire management. There is plenty of room since the bed is centered.

Here it is after filing the slot.

I can live with that, It looks pretty straight to me even though it is not center. It looks more like @SupraGuy Dan setup now.

lol, too late…

And the Front panel…

Just couple more zipties, Print the filament guide and add a RPI (optional) and she is done (hope early afternoon).


That looks really clean. Nice work!

Ryan, I would add the “file the slot” in the instructions just in case someone has the same problem.