MP3DP hub files help

I downloaded the repeat files from printable and I think I’m missing the hot end plate that goes on the front of the hub. Is this a part I need to model?

Ah, Barry beat me to it.

There is a collection of stuff for the repeat. I’m currently starting another one…

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Thanks guys. I’m not sure that’s what need. The hub as a notch and I thought a plate went there After work I’ll look at the mount you showed me.

The plate is a blank tool mount that you can modify. You can find it in the V1 profile for the Repeat.

The one Barry and I linked is 2 files, a plate to mount the E3D Hemera extruder, and a fan shroud for a 5015 fan and BLTouch Z probe. The BLTouch has a Y offset of 38mm and X offset of 0, IIRC.

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Ok. I’m pretty sure that’s the plate I’m looking for.
Thank you

Where can I find v1 of the repeat?

It would just be the MP3DP. Printables

Thank you

No. It’s not in there. I have an e3d v6 hotbed with a BMG setup in direct drive. At this point I don’t want to purchase another hot end. It works fine. I’m building this simply because I want a larger bed.
Would anyone have this file and be willing to share it with me.?

What printer are you trying to attach it to? I don’t think Ryan ever had a bmg e3d setup. I made one, for the v2.

I printed the hub and I think I am missing the part that would put a 90 degree flat on the front of the hub. Or am I wrong. I just don’t know.

Should there be a piece that goes here or is this something I’m gonna have to make?

(I posted that link earlier, too.) Mount for the E3D Hemera, with 5015 fan, and BLTouch probe

There is a blank mount in the Repeat CAD model, I think, if you want to develop your own tool mount for a different hotend.The core itself provides the bottom edge as a clamp to mount the tool plate, and a single M5X30mm screw goes into that hole in the top face to a captive nut to bolt it in place.

If you want to mount your BMG hotend to it, you’ll need to remix, either from the blank plate (The Repeat printer has a Fusion360 model, which you can grab the part from) I see seeral mounts available from GrabCAD which would need to be adapted to the blank tool mount.
Blank Tool (44.7 KB)

This was straight extracted from the Repeat CAD, so it is not in correct print orientation, it is in it’s natural orientation as it will sit on the printer. Depending on how you modify it, you may want to print it in a different orientation.

Looking at the models I can find of the BMG extruder, it looks like a simple motor strap is mostly what’s required. What size is the extruder motor that you’re using? (NEMA 17, what length?)

Are you planning on using a part cooling fan? Are you using the E3DV6 hotend with the radiator fins? I would probably merge it with something like this:

I downloaded the files from printables. There is no tool mount files. So to better understand. I need the cad files to create my own

Edited previous reply to add the blank tool mount, extracted from the CAD.

NEMA17 Tool (71.3 KB)
I whipped up a quick mount for a NEMA17 motor at right angles. This should work for your BMG hotend, though it doesn’t have any fan shroud or probe mounts. The one I found on GrabCad should work though. This will extend the distance between your motor and the extruder by 2.5mm.

If I make a third Repeat printer, I may end using a solution like this, to mount my very generic hotends based on an E3DV6 heat block and radiator fin assembly, though I think mine would require the motor support to be on the opposite side. My Z probe is an IR probe that mounts to the cooling fins where the hotend fan is, so it doesn’t need any additional supports, but a part cooling fan would be nice to have as well.

Thank you very much Dan.
Shortly I will download the files and give it a go.
My current mount has a part cooling fan and Bltouch mount, I’m thinking I just have to tweak the flat plate to match the bolt pattern of my mount and I should be good to go.

Thank you guys for the help.