Moving x axis also moves y(&vice versa)

This is my first attempt at any Arduino/Rambo/Ramps project and to my absolute surprise and joy i have yet to hit any major roadblocks, until now…

firstly: whenever i hit “Home X”, “Home Y” or “Auto Home” my center only moves about 1 cm.

secondly: when it moves it runs diagonally.

im using the Mini-Rambo 1.3 from this site and everything else was bought from the part list links(some here&someAmazon)

This is what it looks like so far:


Loving the project and lurking the forum has already been a massive help :slight_smile:

Try swapping the stepper plugs, if the steppers are closest to you the left one should be in the X slot but you have it upside down in the pic so it is the other one. As for auto home make sure you are wired Normally Closed

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Sounds like you don’t have the ZenXY firmware installed. It needs to know it’s corexy. If x is moving diagonally, it thinks it’s Cartesian (like the mpcnc).

Get the motion right, use m119 to check your endstops are right, then try homing.

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I have betaZenXY installed according to the lcd screen.

Turns out the diagonal problem was that the rails werent fastened good enough.x


Still lost as to what pins go where on the endstops though, heres a blind guess:

…feels like the NC, NO and C markings on the rollerswitch has some really important purpose




No! That will hurt your board! I hope you haven’t tried that yet.

You don’t wire anything to the positive. Just ground and signal.

Xmin and ymin are the correct ones.

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C is “common”

NC is “normally closed”

NO is “normally open”

When the switch isn’t pressed, it is shorting between common and normally closed. When the switch is pressed (abnormal) it is shorting between common and normally open. Make sense?

You’ll wire the (-) to C, and the (s) to NC.

Leave the NO and (+) alone.

For full reference, the signal going though the switch doesn’t have any preference on direction, so swapping gnd and (-) pins won’t hurt you. That’s why there’s often not a specific recommendation.


thanks! the whole thing is working perfectly now! homing and belts and everything^^

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