Moving on from 1st CNC - Can MPCNC compare?

So, I have been using a - to be unnamed - CNC with a work area of 24" x 24" x 5" for the last 2 years and the Z-axis catastrophically failed and nearly started a fire in my garage yesterday. (Long story - still stings) I am looking at the MPCNC, but don’t know if I can bring much over from my last one.

Here’s what I’ll have, once I scrap the current setup for parts:

  • Gecko G540 controlled by Mach 3
  • 3 x NEMA 23
  • 6 x 20mm linear rails
  • 3 x leadscrews/nuts
  • DeWalt 611 router with numerous 1/4" bits

I would like to build an MPCNC to achieve a similar working area (with the addition of a 4th axis if I have leftover motors). Having built the last one from a loose kit, I’m not sure what I can reuse. I’d appreciate any advice, as my birthday is coming up, and my wife is sympathetic to my current situation!

None of that is a direct use with the MPCNC but could be made to work. The 611 is a bit bit but there are a few mounts for it as well.



One more - I forgot to mention I’m in the military. So, I am looking for something that can be moved without breaking or easy to replace parts. This is what’s led me to the MPCNC. My current setup is constructed from melamine, which is another reason why I’m ready to scrap it.