Moving CNC from base


My MPCNC was built around the space I had available at the time, since completing it I need to get it into a soundproofing enclosure so that I can make sure I don’t disturb my neighbours, however I started my build from the corner of my outside shed.

I want to build an enclosure and move my CNC inside of it, but I’m conscious of catastrophe, is there anything I should keep in mind if I want to achieve this? or am I going to have to take most of it to bits and re-square every inch?


I don’t really understand the problem. Can’t you move the table or at least the plate it is screwed to?

No, the table is connected tot the shed via brackets and legs, makes a lot of noise because it’s not isolated much.

Hmm, I’d recommend maybe just moving the top plate? Get a second person to lift it down. That’s what I did when my MPCNC had to move.