Movement speed fusion

So I am still on my first projects and I am using the safe speeds from the documentation. I was running a test cut last night and the job had lots of jogging around so much that it affected the job time. I want to speed that up.

1 what is a common safe jog speed?
2 Do I adjust that in fusion or the post-processor

Max velocity and max acceleration will interact and will depend on individual machine characteristics, so both need to be determined/tuned by testing on each physical machine.

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What kind of controller are you using?

There is a speed limit in the firmware. It is set conservatively. Your gcode might also be limiting the speeds (if you see G0 Fxxx, then the gcode is also limiting speeds, in mm/min).

The Z is particularly fickle. Just lowering your clearance plane will reduce a lot of time jogging. The Z motor has to spin 4x faster because it is turning a screw for leverage. If you go too fast, you will skip steps.

If you are running Marlin firmware, the V1 maintained versions limit X and Y feedrates to 3000mm/min, and Z feedrates to 900mm/min. You can change these limits using an M203 g-code. An M500 after the M203 will save the setting, so you only have to run it once, or you can add the M203 to your start g-code and run it each time. Note that M203 uses mm/sec, not mm/min.

I had seen the z-lowering trick, but I am still in cautious mode so I left that at default(though with all of the z moves I’ll have to change that in the future. But with xy moves above the stock maybe I had the wrong expectation, I had expected that when above the stock it would move at the same speed as homing and not the cutting feed rate.

Unless I made an error in the config somewhere.

the upside of work from home day. is this the parameter I am looking to adjust?


I looked through the g-code and that is not used. I see nothing but the feed rate short of the z plunge rate that shows as 180.

the installed post processor just in case I messed that up


post processor settings

Well shortening the Z travel did help a noticeable amount. And really it was not too slow.