Mounting Dewalt611 DWP on LR2

I have built the Lowrider2, run some successful crown drawing tests and am ready to mount the 611 router. It must be obvious because I am struggling to find any info on the forums.

Does the plastic router sub-base mount below the 611 plate or does the base unit mount directly to the 611 plate?

While I am asking stupid questions, what is the vac duct for and what does it mount to?

Thanks for the help…again.


Take the plastic piece off, the 611 plate takes its place. Vac duct is so you can hook up a shop-vac hose to it to suck up the dust.

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Thanks much for the reply and photo. That helps alot.

I wasn’t very specific on my vac duct question. In particular I am asking where does part #8 in Center Assy below is mounted.

[attachment file=111838]

Thanks very much.

I have #8 VacDuct just wedged between the wooden plate and the router base. The little ears align with the duct outputs on the router base and the #5 VacShoe, so it can’t spin around in there.

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E. Lee,

Thank you for the response. I will check it out when I get home. I missed that altogether.


I didn’t put that in mine, but it helps redirect the motor exhaust away from the cut so the vac can actually vac. Otherwise it just blows most of the chips all over the table, even with the vac running.

Thanks guys. I really appreciate the quick replies.

The mere fact that I have gotten to this point with a machine that draws a proper crown is a tribute to Ryan’s design and the helpful community on these forums. If I can do it someone with some skills can make this cnc sing.