Motor Dampers

Getting ready to assemble my machine here, and had a quick question. Any reason I should refrain from using motor dampers? They made a huge difference in noise on my printer so I picked some up for this project. I can’t think of any reason reason it would cause me a head ache, but though I’d ask real quick anyway.



If sound is the only reason that don’t as everything else is really loud. They could possibly help or hinder with small vibrations of the machine. Cool experiment if you tried both and some pen drawings at different speeds?

Fair enough, while the main reason for the build is to use the router, I’m going probably hold off a few months until I can properly enclose everything, so I’m looking at using relatively quite tools in the mean time. Unfortunately I’m out of space in workshop so this is going in my office, so anything I can do for noise would be nice. I guess I’ll just do some experimenting and report back after I get it together.



If you’re going to be routing, don’t bother with the dampers. Even without them the steppers will be the quietest parts of your machine. I have dampers on my 3d printer, but it’s a delta, so I’m not throwing around too much weight. The dampers can cause issues if you’re printing really fast, they have enough give that it can cause slight alignment errors between layers.

When I had issues on my printer (harmonics, lines and vibrations, etc) I had tons of people in the Flashforge forum telling me different things and one of the biggest was “get stepper or NEMA dampeners”

Well I did and it didn’t do a damn thing and it turned out to be the z-rod bearings that had just the slightest amount of play that you could imagine. Think of something like this…

And it just started one day out of no where. Now I’ve been printing for a LONG, LONG time (and have 4 printers myself) and do commercial printing… but this one was a bugger to track down but no decent printer or anything uses dampeners.

I would say no and they are sitting in my office still in the bags to this day now never used again.

Well just got up and running, it’s virtually silent with the pen so that’s cool. I’m probably just going to leave them until I have a reason to take them off.